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Community Relationship Management using the new virtual event tool for business and professional communities.

Presented by the co-creators of The Iceberg and Intellectual Capitals.

The business and professional events industry is likely to recover first in Asia Pac. Leaders from Singapore anticipate that recovery of domestic, regional, and finally international business events could emerge as optimistically as Q1 2021.

The lack of a vaccine, an increased fear of business travel, and a ruptured supply chain are just a few of the reasons why the industry is currently in paralysis.

But amid the ebbing confidence, rewriting of budgets, balance sheets, and forecasts lies a silver lining [if not a white knight] in the form of the virtual event.

Every cloud…..

Virtual events offer an ability to maintain and sustain a community in the absence of face to face events.

Once populated by stakeholders and sustained by content, virtual events will remain a constant and ongoing feature of any community brand or event, well after the return of the live events they stood in for.

The hackneyed term `new normal` will apply provided event and community owners follow the old rules to accompany the new toy; Content is still King.

Working together...

Xplore4 Technologies is partnering with the founders of The Iceberg and Intellectual Capitals to throw their hat into the virtual events ring.

Applying the latest technologies and applications to deliver a seamless content management platform, Xplore4 will enable community owners to maintain, sustain, build and profit from their virtual events.




Community Xplore

The virtual event platform from Xplore4 Technologies is custom branded, featuring stands or booths, conference and keynote auditoria, sponsored networking and breakout rooms, and newsroom. It is supported by a full suite of tools to facilitate individual or group interaction, education, and other communications.

1:1 video, real-time webinars and chat rooms, group networking lounges and live streaming of HD-quality press and product announcements enable the knowledge exchange, education, professional development, news management, business networking and transaction processing to continue much the same as the live event itself.

As a platform to advance business goals, to provide adult learning, enable employee and supply-chain engagement, to facilitate policy or government interaction to advance civil society, the virtual event is the perfect antidote to Covid-19 and a game changer in community relationship management.

Features of the virtual event include;

  • Digital device compatible.

  • Newsletter and Newsroom enabled.

  • Investors and Bids.

  • Sector specific search tools.

  • Registration services.

  • Bespoke design on demand.

  • Fully GDPR compliant.

  • Reporting and Data Analytics.

  • RFP and Lead Generation Tools.

  • Password-enabled Self-Loading.

  • Secure transaction processing.

  • Language translation.





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If you would like to discuss the opportunity further, feel free to contact; 

James Latham, Megan Meeres, or Darren Openshaw .



Our team are ready & waiting……


If you would like to discuss the opportunity further, feel free to contact; 

James Latham, Megan Meeres, or Darren Openshaw .